Playable ads

Engage them with your game, not with the ad

Why Playable Ads are cool?
Responsive design
Regardless of the user's device specifications they will get the best experience. It gives you
a broader targeting options.
Encourages a user to interact with the ad. Increases CTR up to 200%
Engagement drives user to continue their experience
in the full game, enhancing
Install rates and Retention.
User's experience in a single playable ad may vary. It helps tackling with ad fatigue.
Playable ads
Why us?
We provide a full-cycle production from scratch
Supported Platforms
"Our team members have 8+ years of experience in the game industry and marketing creatives production.
For more than 2 years
we are developing Playable ads"
Alexey Chelpanov
Producer / Co-Founder
We have developed our own software
for the efficient and short term creation
of playable ads. And we never stop improving it.
Performance driven
We always research the market to find
the most effective ways to represent
a game in a playable. We are focusing on serving you the best result, not just a marketing asset.
Even if your game is too complex or not
so catchy, there is always a way to attract
a potential user with the help of a playable ad. And we will find that way.
Some examples
Click on the image to play it!
We wanted to convey the feeling of playing idler game in a fun and concise way.
Main features:

• The focus is on several features of the game: clicking,
application development, making money.

• 2 polarized options at the start to attract a broader audience.

• The player receives a pleasant response to each interaction.

• The result that the player gets at the end encourages him to try better in the full game.
The task was to create a playable ad based on a trendy "make a choice" concept where the player could possibly fail.
The idea was to show that the game is simple and fun, but yet challenging.
Main features:

• Full replication of the original gameplay mechanics.

• Level design with difficulty curve: 1st level is easy, 2nd - medium, 3rd - hard.

• Player smoothly proceeds to the full game by clicking "Next Level".
Main features:

• Cartoonish interpretation to make failure less dramatic.

• The whole playable created from scratch - from script to VFXs.

• Switching to 2D helped us to save our client's money by decreasing the production cost.
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about the latest work.
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This is the best way to gain experience in developing many
different games in a short amount of time!
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